The Sci-Fi Alliance in Secondlife

The Sci-Fi Alliance
Its For Fun, Its For Life.

Second Life members and passionate fans of science fiction, with hundreds of participating groups, in a unique online explosion of imagination… all united to kick cancer’s ass.

Milky Way Cabaret Chorus Line 2015What started in 2008 as a single region Sci-Fi Meet & Greet charity party, has grown into a six sim festival of creativity and purpose; hosting parties, discussions, interviews with notable Actors of Sci-Fi, epic Trivia Showdowns, and one of the best theatricals the grid has to offer The Milky Way Cabaret.

We are proof of what regular pixel people are capable of when we come together in a common cause, the average donation to the Relay For Life of Second Life is $L100, doesn’t seem like much, huh?

Yet every year the Relay For Life of Second Life with our combined efforts raises thousands and thousands of dollars, in what has become the largest virtual RFL event in the world and one of the largest organized events of the entire global Relay For Life.
The total donations earned by our virtual RFL of SL fund-raising efforts is expected to reach Three Million $US in 2016.
For Research to save lives.
For Education to prevent cancer.
For Service to the patient and caregiver network.

We are united, our pixels are strong.

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