Trek for A Cure Faire Closing Speeches & Sims


Months of preparation, 3 sims, 5 days 88 booths and hundreds of visitors gave birth to “Trek for a Cure” Faire to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek whilst supporting the America Cancer Society charity “Relay for Life”.

But all good things must come to an end and faire organisers Kirk Wingtip, Richmerk and Debbydo once again took to Risa sims podium and gave their closing speech to around 50 avatars. Speech Transcribed below.


But that wasn’t the end for the night, there was still two final events. Firstly S3 Club’s DJane Nova got up on stage putting on another great DJ Set straight after the closing speeches, later on the milky way cabaret saw out the night with another hour of music and dance from their now famous and popular cabaret show.

As the hours past and the sims started to quiet down is was that sad moment at every faire/convention when it’s time for everyone to pick up their booths. It’s now become a bit of a tradition to not just delete or return copies of their booths to inventory, but to have a little fun by throwing on physics, delinking the prims and watching them fall demolition style to the ground. Your usually left with a sim which resembles a borg attack.

closing-simIt wasn’t long after that the sims finally closed by all going offline, if you looked on the map you could still see them there for a short time in red, but before long they were gone, but not forgotten.

All in all it’s been a wonderful event which had a great theme, lovely builds which gave the sim a unique flavour, also noticeable was the originality and variety in designs of the exhibitors booths.

Which all bodes well for when we get back together for the next Sci-Fi Convention 2017. Until then, thanks to the organisers, exhibitors and attendees for making this one of the most fun faires ever.


Alec Peters (Prelue to Axanar) interview at Sci-Fi “Trek for a Cure” faire

The Sci-Fi Faire were proud to welcome Alec Peters in-world with is avatar to talk about his Star Trek Fan short “Prelue to Axanar”, the law suit with CBS over it and future projects.

His Majesty (Kellin Actor)  Hosted and organised the talk which was held at the Klingon theatre in the Risa sim. Below is a video of the event and the “prelue” to Axanar” short.

We would like to thank His Majesty (Kellin Actor)  for his work in acquiring such an established guest speaker.
Alec Peters – IMDb
Alec Peters Twitter



Sci-Fi Faire “Trek for a Cure” Starts

After all the anticipation and months of planning the Sci-Fi alliances “Trek or a Cure” event celebrating 50 years of Star Trek officially began on the 7th September with an opening ceremony in the Risa entertainment sim.

Kirk Wingtip, Debbydo and Richmerk appeared on the stage to deliver a short speech to over 50 avatars who crowded into the area. Below is a transcript of the speech.

Once the speeches were complete the attendees could turn on the land stream and listen to one of the conventions resident DJ’s, many danced to the music for a few hours. With over 80 booths there was plenty to be seen covering 3 sims. Over the day the attendance had been impressive with people hanging around for long periods of time, checking out the booths, making new friends and reacquainting with others they haven’t seen for some time,  with many events over the next few days this should insure there will be something here for everyone.

Sci_Fi Con "Trek for a Cure"

Click pictures above to link to photo album

If you wanted to travel around the sims you could walk, fly or jump in one of the fun flyable Star Ships dotted around the faire.


We hope everyone has a great faire over the next few days and thank you for all those who participated in the creation of the event and those booth owners and attendees who will make it such a fabulous faire.

PS. for those who are wondering why its spelt “faire”, this isn’t a mistake the team just thought it gave it a more creative look🙂

Sci-Fi Faire “Trek for a Cure” Begins Tomorrow.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek TV & film franchise the sci-fi alliance in second life has organised a convention covering 3 sim from September 7-11, with over 80 booths set up by residents to promote their trek and sci-fi groups, content made in world  and services. The event supports  “The American Cancer Society”  with donations and exposure.

The sims called “Vulcan” and “Qonos” are used for housing the booths whilst “Risa” in the centre being used for entertainment.

Teleport to each area


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Two Weeks to Blast Off!

Prepare for Warp Speed!

horgahnsign1The great super duper awesome 2016 Sci-Fi Faire “Trek to a Cure” opens in 2 weeks! The sims are officially rented and paid for, and we are good to go! The sim names and exact locations will be revealed to us by LL in the next few days, and we’ll pass it right on to you all.


The official Faire dates are September 7-11. For booth owners, setup will start just as soon as we have the land parceled off, which will be sometime on Sunday the 4th.


We’ll also try and get the RFL vendors and kiosks and all that stuff out to everyone as soon as possible.


And if you still haven’t registered your booth, there’s still time. There are 5 open plots still available, as well as 4 small vendor stalls. So hurry!

Click these links for important info:
Booth Info

Inworld Map:

Booth Registration:


If your group wants to hold an event during the Faire, please fill out this form and contact Debbydo:


How did time get so short?! Four week until the Faire!!

Before we all get too deep into building our booths and making our plans, PLEASE READ THESE REMINDERS:

  1. Height Restrictions: The Faire will be more crowded and tighter than previous Cons and Faires. To prevent having the streets at the bottoms of super deep canyons between rows of immense booths, we’ve set a maximum allowable booth height. PLEASE do not make your booths taller than the maximum limit for your particular type of booth.
    • Free Stall – Must fit inside stall
    • Free 28×28 Booth – 10 meters max height
    • Tier-1 30×30 Booth – 20 meters max height
    • Tier-2 36×36 Booth – 30 meters max height
    • Tier-3 40×40 Booth – 40 meter max height


  2. RFL Vendors: Remember that the SL Sci-Fi Faire has always been a charity event supporting the RFL of SL. To support the cause, all MERCHANT booths are required to have a minimum of 2 RFL vendors in their booths. (Non-merchant booths like RP groups or art exhibits are not required to do so.) RFL vendors are special vendors that will be supplied to us before the Faire by the RFL, that will automatically donate 100% of their sales to the RFL of SL cancer charity. So if you run a store, remember you’ll need to put at least two items in RFL vendors (you can do more if you want to be more generous). Thank you!

And finally, if you still haven’t registered, time has almost run out. Mainly because there are only 6 booth plots left! First come first serve!  :)  There are also 4 small free stalls left for those of us that don’t need a full booth or just want to set up a few vendors.


Update July 22

It’s getting close to crunch time!

We have over 80% of our booths filled, so if you’re thinking of registering for one, better hurry!

Remaining booths:
10 booths that can be either 28×28 free or 30×30 2000L$
7 free small 12×12 vendor stalls

Inworld Map:

Click these links for important info:
Booth Info

You can also IM Kirk Wingtips, Debbydo, or Richmerk.