Build Contest 2014

The Build Contests are accepting entries!

Enter to earn a place in the Winners Circle & make your mark on convention history!

Build Contest Sign

May 31st thru June 7th
Judging June 7th 4pm slt
& Build Contest Celebration party June 8th Noon slt!

Three Categories of Creativity!

Conveyance –
It can be land use, sea use, or air & space use… perhaps to get around a six sim estate hmmmmmmm????  maybe?
32 prim/li or under
winning vehicle can be added to the convention guest rezzers for always!

Gadget –
(32 prim/li or under)
sooooo……. yeah, pretty much anything you can think of.  & it only needs to be a wearable prop, but if you want to make it do something, please do!
Winning gadget can be added to the convention gift pack for always!

Sci-Fi Mashup –
A poster, or prim display, or combination.
(32 prim/li or under)
In the spirit of the convention, we’d like to see what a science fiction mashup looks like to you!
Winning artworks cab be added to the hub galleries for always!

Each category awards three cash prizes!!

1st place, $L1000
2nd place, $L500
3rd place, $L250


All entries will be displayed as part of the convention itself!
They will be artfully arranged at judging & left up for the Closing Celebrations!

The build contest sandbox is located in Nowlan & has a 4 hour auto return.

The sandbox can be found at the SURL:  HERE


A Few Additional Notes:
No plywood build platforms please.
Please  Be respectful of other participants.
YES!  you may use builder market content, this is a contest of your creativity, not your skills with making sculpts or mesh….   full perm only please on the finished entry (not including no-mod textures).

To be added to the list of Build Contest Participants please contact Senet Blackburn, or any available Convention Crew member in world.

Your winning entry must be full perm & with your permission of course!

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