People Choice Award Results

2017 SL Sci-Fi People’s Choice!
A fun & diverse vote with over a hundred ballots submitted!

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Awards Event Hosted by Adriana Fall, Senet Blackburn and Β Madadh Windrunner (Madadh Magic)

Over these sci-fi years we’ve helped the global Relay For Life raise millions of dollars and helped save untold lives, we can’t count them all there are so many stretching into the future years, the many millions that will LIVE instead of Die, that’s real life what You do with your “second” lives…

…we believe in what is possible & we learned that partly from all the sci-fi fandoms we come together to celebrate!

We all owe a debt of gratitude to so many of You for how wonderful the convention was this year, you made something special possible.

You filled our schedule with fun events and made our ten days a truly non-stop festival!

We had more Sponsors than any previous year & raised more money for the Relay For Life than any year we didn’t have a donation matching Patron, in fact we almost reached that level of the year we DID have the matching Patron.

Thank you to Our sim designers for setting the foundation of the most beautiful estate we’ve ever had!
Thank you to All the Exhibitors who took that foundation gave it life and made it an Adventure!

& All the Relay Teams!
and for Everyone who rezzes a kiosk or vendor!
and for every Memorial Wall in every sim that honors every Fight.

We have Fighters in our membership right now, and Survivors too…
We yell “Go Relay!” at each other a lot… πŸ™‚
& we cheer and we throw fifty lindens in at the kiosk for a good DJ track, or buy a cool item from a vendor

….please don’t ever forget what we are doing with our Fun…
We are going to end it, once and for all one of these days in the not too distant future…
each breakthrough brings us closer to That Day.

Until there is a Cure, We Relay.

Ariadne Fall
Convention Co-Chair


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