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The last Sci-Fi Alliance Convention was held between March 24th – 2rd April and was also its 10th Anniversary


Second Life Science Fiction 2017 10th Anniversary!
“All Aboard The Elemental Tour”

The 2017 Sci-Fi Convention covers 6 themed sims

Earth,  Air,  Fire, water, life and Equilibrium

There is Air!

Air sim_001
A breezy hillside on a distant world, where the local architecture takes advantage of the gentle climate. Fly a kite at the hilltop park, or enjoy an afternoon watching kinetic sculptures & clouds rolling by.

Its on FIRE!

Earth sim_002_001
Might as well be walking on the Sun! From the Cosmic Fire to Campfires, immerse yourself in a world of beauty & danger!  Will You play with Fire?

Down to Earth!

Earth sim_001

A primitive planet lush with grass and trees, where a Sci-Fi Colony has grown up around the local settlement. Live the explorer’s adventure on a world of earth & stone!

Life & Equilibrium are entertainment sims with fewer exhibitors & higher traffic.

Water Water Everywhere!

water sim_001
Even in the future sometimes the old ways are best! What happens when technology influences a classic stilt city port? Lights on the water & a city that never sleeps!

Where there is Life!

life sim_001

Welcome to your DNA, a planet that celebrates science and the miracle of life.
Tour the boulevard, enjoy many activities & events & visit the Star Temple!
(Events Zone & main Landing Point)


pre con - Akasharon_001
The Elements in balance with a nod to the surreal reality that is our shared Second Life.
Home to the best show in the galaxy, The Milky Way Cabaret! An engineered space for leisure & pleasure! (Events Zone)