Exhibitors List 2014


Booth #2
Rex2112number2’s Shipyard

Booth #5
Korolev Station
Bronze Sponsor
An Asteroid of Opportunity floating in the Outer Halo between Red Sun and Kalidasa, Korolev Station serves as a way point between the Core and the frontier planets in the ‘Verse Cluster of stars.
Carved into and out of the old Korolev asteroid mine, Korolev station is the Freindliest Free Trade Port on the border twixt the Core and the Rim. We have shops for resupply, and a Companion Tea House for relaxation.
two clubs, a theater, and the largest collection of paper books for ten million kilometers.
A new life awaits you in this Off World Colony. So, if you have ever wanted to live the adventure in the Black, come to Korolev Station.
Visit us at:

Booth #11
Tempest Incorporated Creations Company

Booth #12
Cosmic Battles

Booth #14
Alien Love Ta-Ta’s Too

Booth #15
UFO Abduction
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #16
 Platinum Sponsor
The next level of integrated interactive gaming

Booth #19

Booth #20
Uss Banshee NX-71209
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #21

New Gallifrey

Booth #23
Hands of Omega

Booth #24

Booth #25
RazorZ DesignZ

Booth #26
OpenSim Sci Fi
Bronze Sponsor
ʺOpenSim Sci Fiʺ – Welcome to the Free World! Providing information on Science Fiction activity in the metaverse of OpenSim, HyperGrid, and OSGrid. Be a part of the vast Sci Fi community on the edge of the known universe, 3 times larger than Second Life. OpenSim has innovative features like: free uploads, unlimited prim size, walk-in teleporters, run your own simulator, and viewer-less avatar NPC clones, and regions ten times the size of SL’s.
Visit us at:

Booth #27
Lani Global Systems
Bronze Sponsor
ʺLANI GLOBAL SYSTEMSʺ – Sci Fi Products – RP Gear – Space Gear – Avatars – Vehicles – Transporters – Teleporters – Comms. Store locations and MarketPlace in SL. Visit the Lani Mall in OSGrid – OpenSim – HyperGrid, #1 popular Sci-Fi planet in OpenSim virtual worlds. The Lani Mall in OSGrid has more than 25 shops by talented content creators. HyperGrid address: hg.osgrid.org:80:lani
Visit Us at:

Booth #28
ZiSP is project to aid others to develop and create and celebrate the genre of retro science fiction in its pure form. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Dan Dare, Tin Tin in Space are all a nod to the nostalgic direction of ZiSP. ZiSP recently opened its Atomopark, a hangout for retro future fans to congregate and meet as a point of call. It is ZiSP’s goal to spark interests old and new to this sadly underdeveloped genre in the Virtual World and hopes its future work will be able to draw a closer community for retro sci-fi projects and ideas to happen.
Visit Us at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/North%20Yard/212/17/72

Booth #31
The Gate Network

Booth #32
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #33
Crazy Taco Builds

Booth #34
Jawa Tribes
Gold Sponsor

Booth #35
The Firefly Companion’s Guild
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #36
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #37
Intergalactic Traders’ Guild
Gold Sponsor
Heaven Star system (Dreams of Heaven sim), and DynaCorps Incorporated near the Orion nebula (Jirina sim) are two forces defending opposite ends of an artificially sustained wormhole, that connects the milky way and Draco Tao galaxies. With planets, ships, and space stations exploring new ways of life in our small corners of a vast universe. Dreams of Heaven and Jirina support several roleplay ventures, including Free play, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, BSG, SAGA, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, and others.
Visit us at:

Booth #38
Asgard Command
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #39
Ayapeliat (Time Space Illuminati) Open Sci Fi RP Multiverse
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #42
Herbit Creations

Booth #44
Platinum Sponsor
Sentinel Station – Star Trek TOS RP and Social Groups International Community.
No academy, no paperwork, no drama, no power trips, no stomping about shouting orders and treating people badly! Just fun as Second Life should be. Role Play TOS style, help manage a star base, star station or join the crew of the USS Sagittarius, The USS Shokaku or The USS Kraburi.
Visit us at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Senibomb/21/83/153

Booth #45
Deutchspachiges Star Trek TOS RP
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #46
Londinium Gearworks
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #47
Xin Caodi – Firefly Roleplay
Platinum Sponsor
Xin Caodi City is a sci-fi roleplay sim loosely based on the beloved but short-lived Firefly series. We explore life on the rugged frontier of space in a ‘verse controlled by a rigid and sometimes corrupt government.
Visit Us at:

Booth #48
Orion Confederation
Gold Sponsor

Booth #51
Liberty Fleet
Platinum Sponsor
We are Liberty Fleet, in this fleet it is come as you are, this fleet is for those who have been bullied, for those who feel alone, for those who need some light in their lives. In this fleet we love and accept people as they are. This fleet is for those who feel like they have no home, for those, who feel like that they have no hope, here we will love you and we will accept you, This is far more than a fleet this is family. In your darkest hour this family will not abandon you, Our motto is ʺLiberté, égalité, fraternitéʺ.
Visit us at:

Booth #52
Rookery Star Trek – Inworldz

Booth #53
USS Imperium

Booth #55
Starfleet Galactic

Booth #56
Botany Bay
Platinum Sponsor

Botany Bay is a Free Form multi genre  Sci-Fi sim. The full sim has been open for 5 years and welcomes many styles and gener’s of roleplay. With a story currently based around the deep space world of Dokk Refurinn and the activities of the Hengeyokai Protectorate, Botany Bay is a fun, friendly RP for those looking to forge a unique setting which their actions help shape and grow. Visit Botany Bay at:

Booth #57
Seraph City

Booth #58
AGEIRA Corporation

Booth #60

Booth #61

Booth #63
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #65

Booth #67
Yavin IV

Booth #68
Star Wars Role Play

Booth #69
Kusanagi Corp.
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #72
Platinum Sponsor

Booth # 73
BSG Origins
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #76
Pryxis Alliance
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #77
Destiny’s Designs

Booth #79
13th Legion
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #80
Rapture’s Shock Troop

Booth #81
United Federation Starfleet
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #82
Space Engineer

Booth #83
Galaxy Fleet Command
Inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s dreams of a bright, shiny future for humanity. Events, RPs, flying and combat scenarios, Klingon village, rentals.
Visit us at:

Booth #84
Mollsens Designs

Booth #85
Consortium Alliance
Come and join the ranks of the feared Consortium Alliance in the Star Wars universe.Will you fight as a warrior, build as a worker, or worship as a priest? The Choice is yours!

Booth #87
Pandora Universe
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #88
Pandora Hometree
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #89
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #92

Booth #98
Starfleet Renaissance
Gold Sponsor

Booth #99
Beta Antares Sector
Gold Sponsor

Booth #101
The Order of the Seventh Sanctum

Booth #105
Gianfar Peaks
Bronze Sponsor
ʺDragonmen must fly/When Thread is in the skyʺ
Gianfar Peaks is our off-canon tribute to the late Anne McCaffrey and her tales of the Dragonriders of Pern. Experience daily life on a distant world where terror falls from the skies, and our only defences are solid rock, and dragonfire…
(not affiliated with The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey, Ltd. Anne’s works are protected by copyrights and trademarks. See http://pernhome.com/aim/anne-mccaffrey/fans/fan-fiction-rules/ )
Visit us at:

Booth #108
Fan Fiction Star Trek Excelsior
Bronze Sponsor

Booth # TBD
Miss Pink’s Wondrous Machines

Booth #TBD
Hearts & Souls RFL

Booth #TBD
Entertainment Consumers Association
The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) is the non-profit membership organization that represents consumers of interactive entertainment in the North America.  The association focuses its advocacy efforts on consumer rights, anti-games legislation, and a host of other public policy concerns as well as providing partner discounts to its’ members ranging from games and movies to hotels and gaming events.  Find out more about our advocacy efforts and cool member discounts at via our website at :

Booth #TBD
Darkstar Dynamics

Booth #TBD
City State of New Babbage

Booth #TBD
SWRP – Apotheosis

Booth #TBD
Bronze Sponsor

Booth # TBD
Doctor Who Radio
Gold Sponsor

Booth # TBD
Platinum Sponsor

Booth #TBD
Starland Development
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #TBD
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #TBD
MMP – Muircastle Shipyards & Motors

Booth #TBD
SAGA Universe
Bronze Sponsor

Booth #TBD
RFL Kidz of SL

Booth #TBD
Black Vale

Booth #TBD
[JOH] Technologies
Bronze Sponsor
Creator of scripted items and gadgets for your home, business, or sim.

Booth #TBD
Cancer Survivors/Caregivers Committee

Booth #TBD
don’t really have one yet

Booth #TBD
Green Lantern Core

(Last updated 16 May 2014 – 15:38 SLT)

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