People Choice Award Results

2017 SL Sci-Fi People’s Choice! A fun & diverse vote with over a hundred ballots submitted! Over these sci-fi years we’ve helped the global Relay For Life raise millions of dollars and helped save untold lives, we can’t count them all there are so many stretching into the future years, the many millions that will…

The People’s Choice Party!

Sunday April 9th 2pm slt Join us to confer the Honors of the year! The Science Fiction Alliance awards the 2017 Starries! In celebration of excellence at the 2017 SL Sci-Fi! We the People voted & now We the People PARTY! YAY! See you there! ☆★☆ Click for location Ariadne Fall Convention Co-Chair

People’s Choice 2017!

Find a Voting Box at a Transit Hub near you!   or visit this one! 😉 Your vote matters! ✯

Early Access for Exhibitor Install Sci-Fi Convention 2017

Early Access for Exhibitor Install!!! Come on over and start setting up!                            (Click Poster for teleport locations) If your parcel is set for sale to the wrong person, we can help you!* If you need a sidewalk connector, done!! If you need…

Work has started on the Sims for the next Convention 2017

The lands are coming together & as soon as the paint is dry it will be time for Exhibitor Setup! Remember to Deed your parcel if you need your Group Role permissions to apply! Double-check your Group Roles! What music stream will you play? Anything that can be phantom should be phantom! Use scripts wisely….

First look at the sims ready for the Sci-Fi Convention 2017

The sims for the next SCI-FI convention have arrived inworld and are now being prepped for the event held between March 24 – April 2nd. Staff will be setting up the parcels and builders will be laying down their sims designs over the next few days. Once ready, those who have acquired booths will be…