People Choice Award Results


The winners of the peoples choice awards were announced at last from the “Trek for a Cure” faire held earlier this year.

Kirk Wingtips, Ariadne Fall, & Debbydo stepped up to announce the winners!


Best Booth
2nd – Mustang Cheerleaders
1st – Star Fleet Renaissance

Best Event
3rd – Star Trek Trivia
2nd – Fantasy Flight
1st – Milky Way Cabaret

Coolest Things
2nd – The Whole Faire
1st – Fantasy Flight

Most Original
1st – Star Fleet Renaissance

Best In-Theme
1st – Star Fleet Renaissance

Most Friendly
1st – United Federation Starfleet

3rd – Fantasia, Liberation Front, Firestorm (3 way tie)
2nd – Solaris, United Feminine Federation (2 way tie)
1st – Star Fleet Renaissance

Most Fun
3rd – Go-Sci, Solstice (2 way tie)
2nd – Moonshadow Labs
1st – Hull Breach

Best Story
3rd – Fantasia, Pryxis (2 way tie)
2nd – United Federation Starfleet
1st – Star Fleet Renaissance

Best Gift
3rd – 19th fleet, United Federation Starfleet (2 way tie)
2nd – Mustang Cheerleaders
1st – Star Fleet Renaissance

Best Host
2nd – Debbydo, Stephanie Metaluna (2 way tie)
1st – Mustangs

Best Actor
1st – Debbydo, Silverrain Sucettes (2 way tie)


Nuala Maracas from Relay for Life of Second Life who sponsor our science fiction events gave a small speech.

” Hi everyone …..this is a great award event. First time for me here 🙂
Thank you to all the organizers and participants of the convention! Your work and dedication is greatly appreciated. The Relay For Life of Second Life is going to be raising it’s $3,000,000 US Dollar this year…. . Yes ..that is 3 MILLION US. And Sci Fi Convention is such a big part of that!

I have gotten over every year since it started and have watched it grow bigger and better each year
I have a bit of insider information that this year is going to be no exception.The plans they have in place are fantastic! I am excited already !
The funds you raise go to the American Cancer Society to provide Support services for cancer patients and caregivers, to fund research treatment.

For every $100 US raised ..YOU .. are providing 10 rides to and from treatment for a cancer patient who would not be able to get there… through Road To Recover Program
 For every $100 .. YOU .. are providing 1 night stay at a Hope Lodge for a cancer patient and their caregiver when they have to travel away from home for treatment
so every linden does count… .it adds up …it provides support and help to those who need it.
we have the 1-800-227-2345 24 hour help line available for anyone to call….. the site.. and we have the American Cancer Society Sim here in SL … where you can also find information and talk to a specially trained RL volunteer at the ACS office who will take your call.

They know your call is from SL …so they understand what you mean when you say you are calling from the ACS sim 🙂 .. you just push the sigh and it will connect

Our Relay is highly regarded by the ACS and the other 5700 relays in the US.    We were ranked #14 out of 5700 in 2014 !

Other relays look at us …watch us…take our unique fun ideas to their rl relays ….but they can’t build a castle on their relay track….they can’t have space ships flying at their fundraising events

Thank you all again for everything you do ! Can’t wait to see you at the convention in 2017 !”


The RFL Theme 2017 is Passport to Hope & we are proud as always to have our Elemental Tour included.