Trek for A Cure Faire Closing Speeches & Sims


Months of preparation, 3 sims, 5 days 88 booths and hundreds of visitors gave birth to “Trek for a Cure” Faire to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek whilst supporting the America Cancer Society charity “Relay for Life”.

But all good things must come to an end and faire organisers Kirk Wingtip, Richmerk and Debbydo once again took to Risa sims podium and gave their closing speech to around 50 avatars. Speech Transcribed below.


But that wasn’t the end for the night, there was still two final events. Firstly S3 Club’s DJane Nova got up on stage putting on another great DJ Set straight after the closing speeches, later on the milky way cabaret saw out the night with another hour of music and dance from their now famous and popular cabaret show.

As the hours past and the sims started to quiet down is was that sad moment at every faire/convention when it’s time for everyone to pick up their booths. It’s now become a bit of a tradition to not just delete or return copies of their booths to inventory, but to have a little fun by throwing on physics, delinking the prims and watching them fall demolition style to the ground. Your usually left with a sim which resembles a borg attack.

closing-simIt wasn’t long after that the sims finally closed by all going offline, if you looked on the map you could still see them there for a short time in red, but before long they were gone, but not forgotten.

All in all it’s been a wonderful event which had a great theme, lovely builds which gave the sim a unique flavour, also noticeable was the originality and variety in designs of the exhibitors booths.

Which all bodes well for when we get back together for the next Sci-Fi Convention 2017. Until then, thanks to the organisers, exhibitors and attendees for making this one of the most fun faires ever.