Sci-Fi Faire “Trek for a Cure” Starts

After all the anticipation and months of planning the Sci-Fi alliances “Trek or a Cure” event celebrating 50 years of Star Trek officially began on the 7th September with an opening ceremony in the Risa entertainment sim.

Kirk Wingtip, Debbydo and Richmerk appeared on the stage to deliver a short speech to over 50 avatars who crowded into the area. Below is a transcript of the speech.

Once the speeches were complete the attendees could turn on the land stream and listen to one of the conventions resident DJ’s, many danced to the music for a few hours. With over 80 booths there was plenty to be seen covering 3 sims. Over the day the attendance had been impressive with people hanging around for long periods of time, checking out the booths, making new friends and reacquainting with others they haven’t seen for some time,  with many events over the next few days this should insure there will be something here for everyone.

Sci_Fi Con "Trek for a Cure"

Click pictures above to link to photo album

If you wanted to travel around the sims you could walk, fly or jump in one of the fun flyable Star Ships dotted around the faire.


We hope everyone has a great faire over the next few days and thank you for all those who participated in the creation of the event and those booth owners and attendees who will make it such a fabulous faire.

PS. for those who are wondering why its spelt “faire”, this isn’t a mistake the team just thought it gave it a more creative look 🙂


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