Two Weeks to Blast Off!

Prepare for Warp Speed!

horgahnsign1The great super duper awesome 2016 Sci-Fi Faire “Trek to a Cure” opens in 2 weeks! The sims are officially rented and paid for, and we are good to go! The sim names and exact locations will be revealed to us by LL in the next few days, and we’ll pass it right on to you all.


The official Faire dates are September 7-11. For booth owners, setup will start just as soon as we have the land parceled off, which will be sometime on Sunday the 4th.


We’ll also try and get the RFL vendors and kiosks and all that stuff out to everyone as soon as possible.


And if you still haven’t registered your booth, there’s still time. There are 5 open plots still available, as well as 4 small vendor stalls. So hurry!

Click these links for important info:
Booth Info

Inworld Map:

Booth Registration:


If your group wants to hold an event during the Faire, please fill out this form and contact Debbydo:


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