How did time get so short?! Four week until the Faire!!

Before we all get too deep into building our booths and making our plans, PLEASE READ THESE REMINDERS:

  1. Height Restrictions: The Faire will be more crowded and tighter than previous Cons and Faires. To prevent having the streets at the bottoms of super deep canyons between rows of immense booths, we’ve set a maximum allowable booth height. PLEASE do not make your booths taller than the maximum limit for your particular type of booth.
    • Free Stall – Must fit inside stall
    • Free 28×28 Booth – 10 meters max height
    • Tier-1 30×30 Booth – 20 meters max height
    • Tier-2 36×36 Booth – 30 meters max height
    • Tier-3 40×40 Booth – 40 meter max height


  2. RFL Vendors: Remember that the SL Sci-Fi Faire has always been a charity event supporting the RFL of SL. To support the cause, all MERCHANT booths are required to have a minimum of 2 RFL vendors in their booths. (Non-merchant booths like RP groups or art exhibits are not required to do so.) RFL vendors are special vendors that will be supplied to us before the Faire by the RFL, that will automatically donate 100% of their sales to the RFL of SL cancer charity. So if you run a store, remember you’ll need to put at least two items in RFL vendors (you can do more if you want to be more generous). Thank you!

And finally, if you still haven’t registered, time has almost run out. Mainly because there are only 6 booth plots left! First come first serve!  🙂  There are also 4 small free stalls left for those of us that don’t need a full booth or just want to set up a few vendors.



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