Free Exhibitor Stalls

Do you want to participate in the Sci-Fi Faire but don’t want to build a big fancy booth? Do you just want to rez a few vendors or maybe some informational kiosks? Then a Free Exhibitor Stall might be perfect for you!

Basically, the Free Exhibitor Stalls are small pre-built shops, built in either Vulcan or Klingon style depending on which sim they are in, where you can rez a few vendors or whatever. Here’s a preliminary peek at what they will sort of look like, with a handsome young Sergal for scale:


Free Exhibitor Stall Vital Statistics:

  • Size: approximately 12 x 12 x 6
  • Prim allowance: 32 (plenty for a few vendors and bits of furniture)
  • Scripts: 10
  • Price: FREE (but you can always donate to RFL if you so choose)

Free Exhibitor Stalls are represented by the small PINK squares on the Faire Map.



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