Tell Us What You Think!

We came, we saw, we bought, we donated, we hunted, we flew, we danced!

Now we’ve all gone back to our regular lives, and it’s time to collect our thoughts and figure out what we really felt about the 2016 Sci Fi Convention!

You can help the Con staff make the upcoming Faires and Conventions even better. What did you like most? What did you like slightly less? What didn’t quite work, in your opinion? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? How about ideas for new events or venues or games or attractions or anything else? Is there something you’d like to see, or never see again? How about opinions on the theme for next year’s Convention?

Absolutely any and every kind of opinion and suggestion will be helpful. Together we can make the great SL Sci Fi Con even greater!

Click here to contribute:  SL Sci-Fi Convention 2016 Feedback



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