Friday 20 February – Day 1 Highlights & Day 2 Events

Opening Day was a great success!  With visitors packing into the many exhibits and booths throughout the day.

Opening Ceremonies were held at noon and the day was capped off by ITG’s opening day Jazz party and date auction which raised $L 15,350 for the RFL,  Nice work Katey & the ITG!

Today  we have a packed schedule you can check out details on the EVENTS page!

Sat 2-21 Schedule

Sim Performance & Lag

During events and peak visiting times we under stand that the Convention Sims may become lagged, or you may not be able to enter one of the sims, due to it being ‘full’. We apologize for the inconvenience in advanced, but to ensure sim performance, each of the convention sims is limited to 50 avatars at a time. During peak visiting times, or when a popular event is occurring, you may have to wait until the count drops below 50 to enter. We suggest you visit one of the other 5 convention sims, until the number drops.  When the sims become full of avatars, you may find they become lagged. You can help this, by removing as many scripted items, especially weapons, collars, or huds. By minimizing the work the servers have to do, you speed up the sim for yourself, and everyone else.

We ask, that if your an exhibitor, or booth staff, that you please limit the number of avatars ‘camping’ on your convention booth during events, and peak times, to ensure we have the best possible number of spaces for visitors to the convention!

The convention crew is working to help ensure a great convection experience for all. Please contact us with any issues or concerns and we will do out best to address them.


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  1. lulli says:

    loco poco maka rina thoku thoka lulla phuddi lund lulli

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