The Sims Have Names!

Thank you all for participating in the sim naming contest and voting for the 2015 Convention!

With many wonderful submissions nominated, we held voting over the last several weeks! After your votes were scrubbed and counted and the Staff votes were added, we’re pleased to announce the Results!

Your 2015 Convention Sim Names are:

Pern Sound

Pern – Planet, with dragons. And, Anne McCaffrey


Douglas Adams Magrathea will build planets specifically tailored for you. Want a planet made out of solid gold? What about one where everything’s made of jello? The pebbles on the beaches are all precious jewels?


The pleasure planet mentioned or featured in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In particular it was featured in the episode ʺCaptain’s Holidayʺ.

Fhloston Paradise

Fhloston Paradise was the name of the resort hotel/ship where Corbin Dallas/Leeloo went in 5th Element and got to see the Diva sing

New Vegas

Babylon 5, The Mars city New Vegas is very heavily implied to be such a place, right down to the name


In the TV series Firefly Sihnon is where Inara was taught the skills to become a Companion.

Popular Vote Results
Popular Vote Results

Thank you or all who participated! The Event team is working to secure these names for the convention!
( Staff removed some obvious ballot stuffing with multiple exact votes submitted multiple times on the same day)


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