2015 Sim Naming Polling Has Begun!

Thank You for all your wonderful submissions and suggestions for naming our six 2015 Convention Sims! As promised, voting is now open! Your votes will be combined with the staff votes to name our 2015 Sims! Click the link below to bring you to the voting site. We’ve added some additional information about our Nominated sim names below:


The pleasure planet mentioned or featured in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In particular it was featured in the episode ʺCaptain’s Holidayʺ.

Just fits the theme, eh?

scifi vacation park

Pern Sound
Pern – Planet, with dragons. And, Anne McCaffrey

Star Wars has the Zeltrons, a species devoted to nothing but sex and pleasure. Accordingly their homeworld, Zeltros, is a pleasure planet.

New Mogo
Named after the Lantern planet; that is a Green Lantern. Mogo.

To the Psychlo species, returning home to their homeworld was the ultimate goal. Away from all the horrid colours and back to the quiet, purple-hazed life they live in luxury.

Cameron Bay
Cameron is in reference to James Cameron, creator of Pandora and the Avatar films

From Ursula Le Guin – Dispossessed

From Dan Simmon’s novel of the same name. Backwater planet where pilgrims trek to seek final atonement.

Douglas Adams Magrathea will build planets specifically tailored for you. Want a planet made out of solid gold? What about one where everything’s made of jello? The pebbles on the beaches are all precious jewels?

Argellius II
The name of the planet in the orginal series of Star Trek where some of the Enterprise crew had shore leave. The planet is described (in wikipedia) as a planet with a Middle-Eastern cultural influence primarily dedicated to peaceful hedonism.

The Moon
In the TV series Futurama, the Moon is the site of an amusement park that is a tourist attraction. Fry really wanted to go there but the other people of the future working at Planet Express were rather jaded about going there. It seems as if, for them, it was no longer a place they were that bothered about going to any more.

In the TV series Firefly Sihnon is where Inara was taught the skills to become a Companion.

Fhloston Paradise
Fhloston Paradise was the name of the resort hotel/ship where Corbin Dallas/Leeloo went in 5th Element and got to see the Diva sing

The 1980 Flash Gordon movie had Princess Aura try to tempt Flash into joining her for a tryst on her personal pleasure moon, Cytherea. “Cytherean” is a somewhat archaic adjective describing matters concerning Aphrodite, namely sex and pleasure (hence the name of the moon).

The home planet of those furry astronauts from Earth Girls Are Easy

New Vegas
Babylon 5, The Mars city New Vegas is very heavily implied to be such a place, right down to the name

The original Battlestar Galactica (Classic) featured the casino resort world of Carillon, which turned out to be a way to keep the alien workers of the Green Rocks mines on the same planet supplied with Soylent Green foodstuffs.

Planet Midnight
Season 4 of the new series episode 10 of doctor who , the doctor and donna go to a Leisure tourist planet called ʺMidnightʺ

Evening Star
Evening Star was a sim owned by a friend of mine Duke Mcdonna who pased away in June 2014 after battling an illness. The sim unexpectedly closed as a result

A Main city on the planet Gallifrey is very much loved and adored

Kooken’s Pleasure Pit
Battletech: Kooken’s Pleasure Pit is a world with a robust rest and relaxation industry. The planet was noted for entertainment industries and pleasant climate, but having poor mineral wealth.

A bit more like “Pleasure Empire,” but the Magistracy of Canopus in BattleTech is notorious for its pleasure circuses, including but not limited to a variety of sexual fantasies, available for a price. Amusingly, they are also renowned as the premier medical experts of the setting.

The DC Universe had the gamblers’ world Ventura and Ragashoon  in the Omega Men story “Of Vice and Virtue”.

The DC Universe had the gamblers’ world Ventura and Ragashoon  in the Omega Men story “Of Vice and Virtue”.

Rising Star
BattleStar Galactica (Original) Rising Star, a ship with casinos and hotel rooms where Viper pilots liked to go on leave.

“Sanctuary” in Starship Troopers is essentially a planet used for soldiers’ R&R

Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet
Star Trek TOS: “The Man Trap” had a throwaway reference to “Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet” by Crewman Darnell.

Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined) had the resort ship, Cloud-9, where Galactica members were sent for R&R

Dr Who: The planet Argolis in “The Leisure Hive”. The only facility on the planet is the eponymous hive; a high-end resort attracting tourists from across the galaxy

Classic Traveller adventure Rescue on Galatea by Paranoia Press. The recreation world Garden Prime has a variety of amusements, including gambling, holographic hunting and meditation.


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