People’s Choice Awards – Winners Announcement

(( Reposted from In World Message …. content partially edited for clarity  ))
(( List of winners to follow shortly in Pages ))

24 October 2014

Via Ariadne Fall:

Firstly we’d like to thank the Team who worked for us on The People’s Choice Awards
Thor Whytchwood
Lani Yuhura
Jai Raghilda
Jubilynn Lane
Senet Blackburn
Rheykn Ashbourne
Thank You so much, & with those thanks we also owe you an apology, you put in hard work, excellent work… to help the Con be better, and we let you down.

Change can be a hard thing, I’m sure all of us have had that familiar moment of irrational defiance in our own RL & SL lives…  and we’re sorry too, that a longtime friend of the convention like Thor, can’t see his way clear to be just grateful, that the fun thing he & his group started became such a success, it earned its own Team & that Team made the People’s Choice better & better…  we truly believe our best work comes from collaboration.

I want to assure you all…
We wish Thor & the Asgard Command nothing but the best, we welcome them as convention exhibitors & event hosts, & we hope they wish us luck as we continue on with the People’s Choice Awards into a bright future of Battles in The Ballots!

…but we owe the greatest apology to You, our alliance membership.
The people voted in greater numbers than ever before, and the vote was more varied than ever before… making for an exciting set of awards & making wins by wide acclaim all the more meaningful.
& We were all denied a party and a fun night in fancy dress, but you exhibitors who received nominations were denied your rightful acclaim…

We fix that BS right now….

* grins*

For presentation purposes we’ve only included those nominations that got a “seconded”, although the complete list of things that got votes is available without tallies and in no particular order, and makes for very fun reading.

In most categories we will be awarding 1st, 2nd, & 3rd…

And,  Without further delay, our first category Award, Best Costuming (Booth or Event)
The nominees are,
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora, The Milky Way Cabaret, & Stargazer Creations…  & no other nominees were seconded, so this one should be quick & easy….

The Best Costuming Award goes to……
3rd Place Pandora!
2nd Place Stargazer Creations!
1st Place Milky Way Cabaret!
ummmmm…..   we only received one presentation nomination for Best ah, it would be Actress.
& that’s kinda nice…. & well,  I’m very thankful.

I humbly accept this award on behalf of my bubbles!

Best Actress Awarded to Ariadne Fall, in the Milky Way Cabaret!
In the category Best Host or Hostess Booth, your nominees are:
Ayapeliat, Karsadia Resident
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora, Jadeka Wirefly
Open-Sim Sci-fi, Lani Yuhura
Stargazer Creations, Aggie Mactavish
Stargazer Creations, Aidan Cambric
Starland Development Group, Daze Colombia
United Federation Starfleet, Chez Renier
& the Best Host or Hostess Award goes to….
3rd Place Chez Renier of U.F.S.!
2nd Place Jadeka Wirefly of Pandora!
& a 1st place TIE!
for  Aidan Cambric of Stargazer Creations & Aggie Mactavish also of Stargazer Creations!

in the category Best Booth Swag or Gift, there were two offerings that stood above the rest,
in 2nd Place, Stargazer Creations Special Twi’lek Special!
& in 1st Place The Convention Citizen Outfit made by Destiny’s Designs!

for Best Story Booth, your nominees are….
The City-State of New Babbage
Galaxy Fleet Command
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
SAGA Universe

& the  Best Story Booth winners are!
3rd Place Olyesti!
2nd Place Pandora!
1st Place SAGA Universe!

In the category Most Fun Booth, your nominees are…
Aliens Love Ta-Ta’s Too
Merciless Ming’s Underwater
Seaview Amusement Pier

& the Most Fun winners are,
in 3rd Place, Olyesti!
TIED for 2nd Place Orionite & Merciless Ming’s!
& TIED for 1st Place Seaview Amusement Pier &…
1st Place Aliens Love Ta-Ta’s Too!!

& I love it that for fun, everyone wins!

& in further tie news, the Category of Prettiest Booth your nominees & winners both are….
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
The Milky Way Cabaret
& The Orion Confederation…

your Beautiful booths!
in 3rd Place, Ayapeliat!
& in 2nd Place a tie between the Orion Confederation & Milky Way Cabaret!
your 1st place prettiest booth, The Hanging Mountains of Pandora!!

Your votes for Scariest Booth:
Another TIE!
in 2nd Place The Daleks of Olyesti/New Gallifrey TIES with Pryxis!
and 1st Place goes to The Giant Cthulu of The HP Lovecraft Festival!

In the Category of Most Friendly Booth, the nominees are…
BSG-82 Thesis
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
Liberty Fleet
Milky Way Cabaret
Open-Sim Sci-Fi
Stargazer Creations

& the award for friendliest booth goes to…
in 3rd Place Pandora!
in 2nd Place Olyesti & Ayapeliat in a TIE!!
& in 1st Place Stargazer Creations!

for the category Best in Theme Booth, your nominees are…
Botany Bay
Doctor Who
Galaxy Fleet Command
Milky Way Cabaret

in 3rd Place Best in Theme another TIE!!!
Olyesti & Ayapeliat!

& guess what?  in 2nd Place Best in Theme another TIE, a three-way with…
Botany Bay & Galaxy Fleet Command & Milky Way Cabaret!

& Best in Theme in 1st Place, Doctor Who!

In the category Best Hangout Booth, the trend continues!
a tie for 3rd Place Hangout between Ayapeliat & U.F.S.!
a tie for 2nd Place Hangout Star Trek Liberty Fleet & Xin Caodi!
& congratulations for 1st Place Hangout to Olyesti!

For the category Most Original Booth, we have our most interesting tie yet!
can we please congratulate
Bab 5 Zocolo!
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora!
and…  PaxWerx!
who ALL tied five ways for 2nd Place!!

& in 1st Place Most Original, your winner The Arcadia Asylum Moon Cannon!

we come now to our final three awards, Best Event, Best Booth, & Con Coolest!
For the exciting category Best Event,
tied for 3rd Place, congratulations to,
Ayapeliat Games Night!
Jazz Night at Seraph City!

in 2nd Place Pipedreams Celtic Rock hosted by Starland!

& your Best Event 2014, The Milky Way Cabaret!!!

& The category overall Best Booth!
your nominees are,
City-State of New Babbage
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora
Milky Way Cabaret
OpenSim Sci-Fi
Stargazer Creations

& the winners for Best Booth are…
in 3rd Place, Ayapeliat!
in 2nd Place, Pandora!
& in 1st Place Stargazer Creations!!
We asked you what The Coolest Thing you saw or did at the Convention was…

1st Place, The Hanging Mountains of Pandora!
ALSO 1st Place, touring around the con on the Turtle Submarine & Trains!


Congratulations to all our People’s Choice Winners!

The Honorable Mentions:

Olyesti Booth and Best in Alien Event!
The Daleks of Olyesti & New Gallifrey!
Aliens Love Ta-Ta’s Too!
The Milky Way Cabaret Shows!
The Milky Way Cabaret Build!
Turtle Submarine and the Trains & riding around the con!
The MMP Bikes!
The Hanging Mountains of Pandora booth block!
The Pandora Story Fire & Jadeka Wirefly & Mishka Darkrose!
Seaview Amusement Pier!
The Londinium Gearworks Complaint Department!
Yay for Lot’s of dance parties!
All the Aliens!
All the awesome merchandise for a good cause!
OpenSim Sci-Fi Booth!
Lani Global for single handedly running the OpenSim booth!
Starland Development Group Booth!
Hanging out at Starland!
Pipedreams Celtic Rock hosted by Starland!
Daze Columbia!
Battlestar Resurrection!
Battlestar Aurora!
BSG-82 Thesis!
BSG Origins!
The Queue Continuum!
Ayapeliat !
Ayapeliat Games Night!
Karsadia Resident of Ayapeliat!
Seraph City, Caesar Osterham!
Seraph City Booth!
Jazz Night at Seraph City!
Stargazer Creations Booth!
Those Twi’lek avatars at Stargazer Creations!
Aidan Cambric of Stargazer Creations!
Aggie Mactavish of Stargazer Creations!
The City-State of New Babbage!
Orion Confederation!
The Herbit Cinema!
Chicago Sax’s Show!
Star Trek TOS RP!
The Arcadia Asylum Moon Cannon!
Rapture Shock Troop!
Pryxis Booth!
United Federation Starfleet!
Chez Renier at The U.F.S.!
Xin Caodi!
The White Whale Lounge at Seaview Amusement Pier!
Star Trek Liberty Fleet!
Botany Bay Underwater Experience!
All the Babylon 5 stuff!
The awesome B5 Zocolo build by Charlotte Laa! *DROOL*
LSI Train Spur & LSI The Sunny Field Airport!
Doctor Who!
Destiny’s Designs Booth!
The Destiny’s Design gift at Hubs from Karmas Destiny!
Ariadne Fall in the Milky Way Cabaret!
Aridane Fall for being lovely and helpful all through this Convention!
Starfleet Renaissance!
Atlas Defense Industries!
Lovecraft Festival Giant Cthulu!
Firefly Companions!
Merciless Ming’s!
Orionite’s blue Kracken tentacles!
Intergalactic Traders’ Guild!
SAGA Universe!
The Novatech Hunt Prize!
Black Vale!
Drow Science!
NS6’s surreal chess pieces & windlight settings!
Chilling out at KoJ/Yavin IV Build!
Clair at The 13th Legion Booth!
Rose Studios!
USS Imperium!
The convention staff for being so helpful!
The convention staff, thank YOU!!!!!

(( On behalf of the web team – we apologize the delay from the con closure to the awards announcement on 10/24/2014 .. We are working with the event team to ensure a quicker announcement for next year…. Stay tuned for 2015 Convention announcements! … and as always, if you think you can do better, please join the team and contribute to making the convention work! ))


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