Are You Ready to Build ?!?

Crunch time Exhibitors!  In only two days the parcels will open for building are you ready ?

Build Days:  MAY 28 & 29

As we get closer to the convention opening, many of you have questions, the best way to get these answered is to message the event staff In World !   Don’t believe the gossip! Get is straight from the staff for the most accurate up to date information.

A few updates as we close in on the build days:

  • The Map Is Officially Locked – No New Plots are available  (if this changes it will be announced)
  • A dozen market stall kiosks still available with a 20 prim allotment for vendors or info boards (20 prim does not count your rfl vendors, those prims are on us…. )
  • Landmarks will be sent via in-world notice tomorrow night (27 May) & your parcel will be for sale to your duly authorized first contact for $0

A few questions the web monkey has overheard in group and is trying to help find answer for people:

1. How deep is the water?
A – Water is 100 meters deep

2. Are we building at a 100 meter underwater depth?
A – No, the depth is there for you use, but the ‘roads’ will be floating at sea level, and your build can be at sea level and any height up to your plot’s height limit.

3. How can we personally reward the web monkey?
A – foot rubs, banana splits, long walks on the beach, lots and lots of money ..
(ok, maybe that last one the monkey added on her own, bad, bad monkey…. )

The web team is working on trying to get a contact list for in world contacts…

Please standby !  In the meantime, if your exasperated, confused or confounded, and can’t contact anyone else,  we’ll do our best to route your question, concern or complaint to the appropriate party.

Web Monkey hard at work at the top secret web monkey headquarters!
Web Monkey hard at work at the top secret web monkey headquarters!

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