Vehicles at The CON

YEP!  You were Right! You asked, we have an answer….. The consensus is in!

Almost everyone likes the idea of somehow having vehicles to explore the floating convention…. Almost everyone ALSO expressed very logical concerns about litter! Vehicles dangling on sim borders, vehicles crashed into booths and abandoned, vehicles lost at sea and forgotten!

No Personal Vehicles, official Temp Rez Vehicles Only!
No Personal Vehicles, official Temp Rez Vehicles Only!

Fear Not! You are all correct, accumulating prim litter is not of the good. So its been determined that any vehicles provided for touring, will be in guest rezzers . Guest Rezzers are small low lag scripted devices that deliver a small personal vehicle on demand, & that vehicle disappears automatically when the guest is done. The rezzer we already have available is from Novatech  and is a 1prim & 2 scripts @ 80kb, a very light weight item in both LI and script cost.

With the inclusion of vehicles this year you need to make some decisions about your booth’s land settings. Please take note that the decision about “object entry” on your convention parcel, will be more significant for 42m high plots on the open water …..& that decision is entirely up to you, vehicles will be 32 prims or under, if you choose to allow them to boat up & visit.  We suggest you opt not to allow object entry, as they can easily disembark along the walkway. This keeps the prim vehicle out of your build.

If you’d like to install your own vehicle guest rezzer as part of your display, please contact the convention team to discuss sizes & usages. We will be happy to help and will try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Now we have some Questions for you:

Do we make personal vehicles available in the center event sims only, or near all the hubs? What vehicle or vehicles do we use??  boat, jetski, segway… oh my! sci-fi floating city gondola ride? If you know of a vehicle that would be appropriate, please tell the convention team.

We’re always looking for those with creative input. If all this shop talk sounds fun to you & you want to join in…. consider joining the Build Team or Transport Commission!  Contact any of the Convention team in world, or drop a comment below and we’ll help you out!


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