Perks, What are they?

You may be wondering, what are premium perks?

Perks go from the silly fun, like your ads at the monorail stops & flyover banners attached to blimps… to articles in the program book, sponsor themed areas in the Garden & Activities areas….

The full list is not yet available, as the ConTeam works out the details. If you have a request or idea, make sure to forward it along, We’re always looking for new ideas and input!


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  1. jubilynnlane says:

    Some more ‘perks’ being considered:

    “Events” sponsored by… (think arena duel, laser tag, roleplay exhibition)

    brand the tour balloons/subway car

    plane flybys with sponsor logo

    sponsors listed in video or slideshow

    Sponsor Flag Bearers with logo flags walking the estate during peak hours

    Sponsor Logos on commemorative t-shirts given in the Con Welcome Pack

    Daily morning introduction group notice ‘Brought to you By’ (sponsor names)

    Article in the Convention Program book

    Sponsor Specific party (fully supported by convention event staff)

    billboards placed in different sim from booth display

    build consultation

    sponsor themed display in Garden/Event sim

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