2014 Convention First News! May 30 – June 8 2014

NEW for 2014!

May 30th thru June 8th
yep! two whole weekends!
(with build days May 28 & 29, breakdown day & end of the world party June 9)
Double the weekend Days for scheduled Exhibitor Events!

it is our hope & desire that a longer event will mean even more donations & awareness raised for the RFL of SL, and we need all of You to make that happen.

SLSFC7 Poster w dates

This Years Convention Theme!

Jules Verne / Incredibles Island Theme!
including underwater venue & environment
monorail line goes above & below the water
underwater environment decorated entirely using estate resources

water everywhere means we need less to decorate well, which reduces exhibition level lag, yay!

Sim Design:

Water at ground level, the entire exhibition is floating except for the sim crossing islands

Some event spaces at water level, some underwater, some in orbit… reduces exhibition level lag, yay!
A new way to join in & be a part of the Con!

One in each exhibition sim, a market tower of mini-booth kiosks (20 prims each 5 scripts) available to vendors or groups or individuals, for sales or information centers or silly fun!

A Kiosk/Balcony/Shop in a Zocalo is FREE!!! however, any kiosk containing sales vendors agrees to include at least one commemorative item in an ACS donation vendor for the benefit of the charity.

With the inclusion of the Zocalos we are adding in some of the best of the other RFL in SL Mega-Events in a way that embraces the unique identity of the SL Sci-fi Convention.

Zocalo Specs:
160 or under for tower build
240 prims in exhibitor kiosks
12 kiosks @ 20 prims each 5 scripts
total usage each tower: 400prim 70 scripts

Possible Different Zocalo Themes:
Babylon 5 Zocalo, of course! 😀
Helix Spindle
Tron/Data-matrix style
Jetson’s style Balconies Tree
Pandora Treehouse
Tower of Window Pods
*one in orbit layer as a small space station?

Gone are the central booths along the hubs, & gone are the least loved corner plots… replaced with long avenues spanning the whole estate.
Five booths in each sim face the avenues and will define the estate borders.
The 42meter booths on the inner avenues can be accessible from both walkways & water, if desired.
25 booths per sim plus a zolcalo
110 booths & 48 kiosks available in total!

Rent additional booths, five in each Event/Garden Sim*

Intended for Booths that would benefit from moving out of the main exhibitor areas, both for the exhibitor’s & the sake of sim resources….
for example:
A booth that wants to have DJ Dance Parties
A booth that wants to have Exhibition RP
A booth that wants to host Trivia in their booth
A booth that wishes to use some bots (within reason)
A booth that wishes to use rezzing combat bots (within reason)
A booth that just wants to be part of the Event sim & Garden

*Until the sponsorship goals are met to acquire the lands, only Sponsors may register for an Event Sim Booth.

ok! so we calculated the new booth sizes on a CORRECT prim calculator (lol) & while a small plot has lost two square meters, we have also increased the max scripts for all plots! ….thank you all for your help & patience while we have worked these specs out over the last two events!!

Booth Sizes:
30×30 FREE Plot
35×35 Bronze & Silver Sponsor
40×40 Gold & Platinum Sponsor

NEW!! the different areas of the estate have different max heights for your exhibit, please refer to the map & take note of the height meter designation.
differing heights will make for a more open and attractive vista along the avenues.

We need YOU!
We must FIRST acknowledge that no one could EVER do this convention alone & no ONE can keep the same responsibilities to the convention forever.
accepting those as agreeable facts, (indeed they needs must be agreeable to the writer since she is contentedly a member of the fourth official operating team & if none of her predecessors had changed their workload she never would have got the job!) we find our best success in COLLABORATION.

We welcome helpers in the preparation months & for active duty rounds during the convention itself. You choose your level of involvement! NO MINIMUM HOURS

We are looking for people to join the team and help us manage the madness! We always try to give people the responsibilities/activities that interest them, & we continue to mentor the future team in all areas of operation.
Would you help us host events?
Would you help us with the Welcome Wanderers or Security Team?
Would you help the Build Team or Transport Commission?
Would you help us as a DJ or Dancer?
Would you help us as an Hunt Participant?
Would you help by adding an event sponsored by your booth to the Schedule?
Would you help us with the Convention Program Book?
Would you help us with Posters or Textures?
Would you help us as a member of the Operations Team?

If a member of the Con Crew tries to recruit you into a bigger role with the convention, what would you say? (just think about it) 😉

Other News!

Help Name the sims!
we are continuing to use the names of appropriate notables in Science Fiction as our sim names, if you think of any favorites… let us know!

Possible Event Venues:
Retro Sci-Fi Lounge (underwater experience)
Babylon 5 Venue (imposing tower containing the Great Machine)
Space Park (expansion of last con’s space lounge in orbit)
Steampunk Theater (back by popular demand!)
The Big Snail
repeat Tiki Quark’s? (included because of all the water mainly)

Frikkin Lazers expansion –
larger arena in orbit, with companion fun Shoot Your Friends Zone at ground level 🙂

Freebie Elemental being included at Hubs to explore the exhibit by walkways or water or sky! -this automatically means we are permitting the use of personal vehicles 32prim or under & with the same or lesser script load as the Elemental itself. There will be small rezz zones for vehicles near the hubs.

Relay For Life Memorial Remembrance Gazebo is returning but going down to only one installation…. do we use the same one as last time or build new?

(( posted from initial news Notecard – distributed in world on 1-31-2014))


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa Firelight says:

    Last year was amazing but this is going to be our best convention to date! I am very excited about this! – Teresa Firelight

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